Back in the 1970s and 80s, Peter Hudson and David Halls were two of the most popular personalities on New Zealand television. They haven’t been on our screens for more than 20 years but a play based on their hit cooking show has proven their popularity endures.

For two years, actors Chris Parker and Todd Emerson have been living double lives as the celebrity chefs. Parker and Emerson have been a part of Hudson and Halls since it debuted in Auckland in 2015, where it was an instant hit and the season extended after the initial run sold out.

Now they’re back in Auckland for a second season as part of a national tour. Parker describes it as settling into some well-worn shoes.

“The first Auckland season was like putting on new shoes and you’re walking a bit weird in them,” he says. “And now we’ve broken the shoe in, it’s really comfy, they walk very well, so we can slip back into them and they fit us perfectly now.”


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